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Hornchurch Country Park  is well worth a visit. It has been created on the site of RAF Hornchurch from which so many Spitfires took off to take part in the Battle of Britain. After the war the base was used for the training of aircrews, finally closing in 1962. Now you can wander along the peaceful banks of the Ingresbourne, perhaps thinking occasionally of the very different scene in the 1940’s.  Several pillboxes (including rare Tett Turrets) remain

To the park from the station is a ten-minute walk along residential roads. Before you set off, go a few steps to the left to see the mini mini-cab office, scarcely bigger than a  Wendy house. 

Return and cross Station Lane at the zebra, then walk right to Standen Avenue. Turn into this, then right into Alma Avenue, left into Central Drive. Finally,  another right into Goodwood Avenue will take you to a green open space. Go over this to reach the wooden gates of the park. 

 A surfaced path meanders by the Ingresbourne River and eventually end up at Rainham, about two and a half miles further on. If you get as far as this, I strongly advise taking a 103 bus from just outside the entrance to the park. The half-mile trek to the bus station (where you can pick up a bus to Dagenham East Tube) entails negotiating a large roundabout - not an attractive prospect after the tranquillity of the valley. Alternatively, by going eastwards you can link up with the Upminster Bridge trail to see a windmill, but please note this is currently being restored. For progress click here  

Photos (click to enlarge)
River Ingresbourne/View from inside a pillbox
Mini-cab office, Tett Turret
This is just one walk from the many to be found at London Tube Rambles. There are architectural gems, beautiful country views, historic places and quirky buildings to be found, in the area covered by the Outer London Underground stations. Usually the places listed are within a mile of the Tube - often only five minutes walk away. If you reached this as an individual page via a search engine, you might like to click on the above link and see the other destinations explored. You'll be amazed at what's out there!

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