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10 minutes walk to a wonderful park

Cassiobury Park, just outside Watford town, is a children’s paradise, especially in the summer when there are shallow watercress streams to be trawled, wild flower meadows to be explored and small weirs to have fun with. Having said that, there are plenty of peaceful places to hide away from the world and read a book or look out for kingfishers. Once the grounds of Cassiobury House (demolished in 1927),  the park also has excellent formal paddling pools – one with a fountain - to say nothing of the miniature railway that winds through the woodland at weekends and holiday times. There is also a cafĂ© and a stretch of water for fishing.

All this makes for a  relaxing day just pootling about – it’s heart-warming to see lots of chirpy kids in outsize wellies and fishing nets splashing about so happily. You can also visit the lock on the nearby Grand Union Canal.  

Unbelievably, this wonderland is about ten minutes’ walk from Watford Tube station. Turn left out of the Underground to Cassiobury Park Avenue which curves right into Gade Avenue. From here you will reach the Cassiobury car park. However, there is another entrance, which I prefer,  (though it takes a little longer to get to) as it leads to a  lovely woodland walk along the banks of the River Gade. To find it, from Cassiobury Park Avenue go down Swiss Avenue (first left) which joins Gade Avenue at an island flower bed.  Proceed along the right hand side of Gade Avenue, following the sign to Croxley, not Cassiobury.  The entrance to the park is on the bend just before a bridge.

There is excellent access for wheel users throughout the park. A map might come in useful,  though it’s not difficult to find your way around. If you fancy a longish ramble, you could walk along the tow path for about a mile and a half to Croxley *
Nanny’s note: However tempting the leaves look, don’t eat the wild watercress, as it can cause illness. Also, I’m sure I don’t really need to remind anyone, but do keep a very close eye on toddlers in any watery situation, however idyllic.

*When you see Croxley Lock ahead start looking out for a concrete path in front of a garage. This leads to Mill Lane (steep). Cross at the traffic island when you reach the Watford Road and turn left. CroxleyTube station is a couple of minutes away. 
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